RTAS 2023


RTAS is a top-tier conference with a focus on systems research related to embedded systems and time-sensitive systems. The broad scope of RTAS ranges from traditional hard real-time systems to embedded systems without explicit timing requirements, including latency-sensitive systems with informal or soft real-time requirements. RTAS’23 has two main tracks:

  • Track 1: Systems and Applications;
  • Track 2: Applied Methodologies and Foundations.

RTAS’23 will be part of the CPS-IoT Week in San Antonio, Texas, from May 9-12, 2023.


  • RTAS’23 Best Paper Awards

    Best Paper

    • G(IP)2C: Temporally Isolated Multiprocessor Real-Time IPC with Server-to-Server Invocations, Cédric Courtaud and Björn Brandenburg

    Best Student Paper

    • Shedding Light on Static Partitioning Hypervisors for Arm-based Mixed-Criticality Systems, José Martins and Sandro Pinto

    Outstanding Paper

    • Hardware Compute Partitioning on NVIDIA GPUs, Joshua Bakita and Jim Anderson

    Congratulations to the winners of RTAS’23 Best Paper Awards!

  • RTAS’23 Best Reviewer Awards

    Best Reviewer

    • Christian Dietrich for his excellent contribution during the paper review.

    Congratulations to the winners of RTAS’23 Best Reviewer Award!

  • Registration

    RTAS’23 Registration is now open. We urge the international participants to register early, as the visa support letters will only be issued by ACM with a registration. Please see the following page on CPS-IoT week website for details: Registration

  • Artifact Evaluation

    The information on Artifact Evaluation is now available on this page.

  • Brief Presentation Call-for-Papers

    The Brief Presentations (BP) Track offers researchers and practitioners an opportunity to present their industry-relevant experience, ongoing work, published yet not presented papers, and demos, to the RTAS and broader CPS-IoT Week audience. Details on this page.


RTAS is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems.